A+ Service. After calling several Electricians that had horrible customer service, for a problem with a remote power panel, I called Johnson Electric. What an awesome experience! Wish I would have contacted Johnson Electric first and saved all of my headaches. Will be my go to guy for the next project! Thanks!
— Robert F.
Johnson Electric was very helpful and came quickly when I had a major power outage that PG&E said was not their fault. After careful checking, the technician found that it indeed was a problem NOT my responsibility and gave me all the info I needed to call and finally get help. Highly recommend Johnson Electric.
— Mike R.
I bought a home and needed my outlets to be converted from un-grounded to grounded so that I could plug in things like my computer. Johnson Electric came out on a day's notice and had the job done in no time. Very fast and professional service that I highly recommend Johnson Electric!
— Jake M.